In A Small Town

My passion for barbecue and smoking meats developed years ago when I first witnessed my wife's uncle, Leon (aka "Big Lee"), and his incredible skills on the smoker in the Mississippi Delta, Greenwood to be exact. The quality of the food he made was unparalleled and I couldn't get it out of my mind. But beyond his sheer talent, Uncle Leon had such a joy for cooking and, moreover, for sharing his amazing food with others. He was generous with his trade secrets, too, freely giving me tips on how to achieve better results. We lost Uncle Leon in October of 2012 and his passing has made me more conscious of not only how well I cook, but also how many people I share this gift with here at our food trucks and restaurant. He was an amazing man and he still inspires us today. Thanks, Big Lee!

- Rashad Jones, Owner/Pitmaster